Revision Policy

We provide revisions depending upon the package you selected. Customers can ask us for 2 free revisions and we will revise their design without any additional charges provided that the design and concept remains the same. Revision Turnaround Time is typically 1 Week Depending upon the complexity of the revision.  Our goal is to make sure you are completely satisfied with your website. 

Refund Policy

Loan Broker Sites is committed to customer satisfaction.  However, we do not extend refunds on projects that are in process.  Our team takes on a cost to develop and maintain your website.  Due to the digital nature of the projects we are not offering Refunds.  We are committed to your satisfaction and we trust you will have no desire to seek out a refund. 

Quality Assurance Policy

In order to provide you the desired satisfaction, our designers don’t deviate from the specifications provided by you in the order form.

The designs are created after a thorough research which ensures the design quality and uniqueness.

Domain and Hosting

Domain and hosting will be provided an additional cost.  We encourage hosting your website with us so we can provide an excellent customer experience with onboarding your website.

If you are not hosting your website with us, we will not provide email accounts.

Delivery Policy

We strive to have your website completed within a 3-4 Week Time Period.  We will not take on additional projects that would cause the development of your website to be prolonged. 

We offer a PRIORITY DELIVERY service which will increase normal delivery by paying just $300 extra!  This offer is based on our availability.  Your Account Manager will advise you if this Add-On is available.   For further assistance, contact us at our Customer Support Center.

Record Maintenance

We keep a record of your finalized design once we provide you the final files.  If you require the final files again in the future we can send them to you at your request.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on providing superior customer support.  We will strive to attend to all inquiries within 24 hours Mon-Friday. 

Communication Policy

YOU agree that Loan Broker Sites is not liable for any correspondence from email address (es) other than the ones followed by our own domain i.e. “..@LoanBrokerSites.com” or/and any toll free number that is not mentioned on our website. Loan Broker Sites should not be held responsible for any damage(s) caused by such correspondence. We only take responsibility of any communication through email address (es) under our own domain name or/and via toll free number i.e. already mentioned on Loan Broker Sites’s Website.

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